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Aker BioMarine showcases their sustainability commitment with their EU taxonomy assessment

Celsia team
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Aker BioMarine, a Norwegian biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, is committed to promoting human and planetary health. With a supply chain extending from krill harvesting in Antarctic waters, a logistics hub in Montevideo and a manufacturing facility in Houston, they focus on the well-being of the ocean. By embracing the EU taxonomy, Aker BioMarine aims to align, enhance, and substantiate their sustainable mission, ensuring a thriving Antarctic ecosystem for the future.


Aker BioMarine is proactively complying with reporting requirements and preparing for future regulations. They conducted a taxonomy assessment of their support vessel, Antarctic Provider, confirming its eligibility for freight transport by sea. Additionally, they drafted their scoring on the upcoming and yet not finalized activities from the EUs side, involving their manufacturing facility and krill harvesting operations. This way, Aker BioMarine ensured a thorough understanding of the criteria by familiarizing themselves with the relevant documentation and specific definitions of Turnover, OpEx, and CapEx within the taxonomy framework. The process was facilitated through collaboration between key individuals in the sustainability and finance teams of the company.


Aker BioMarine is showcasing their sustainability commitment by voluntarily publishing their EU taxonomy assessment results in their 2022 annual report. Based on a preliminary assessment, they also know what to emphasize in order for their manufacturing facility and krill harvesting activities to be taxonomy-aligned in the future. This way, they are well-prepared for upcoming reporting requirements. Using the Celsia software, they are up-to-date with evolving EU regulations and other relevant information, ensuring compliance and continued progress in their sustainability efforts.

Lise Wiger
Financial Reporting and Compliance Manager
As a sustainability-focused company, we value the power of quantifying our impact. Being covered by the EU taxonomy Regulation in the future, we started early. Celsia has helped us interpret a comprehensive framework into something tangible that we can use in the years to come.
Lise Wiger
Financial Reporting and Compliance Manager
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