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Empowering tech startups for sustainability: RunwayFBU's experience with EU taxonomy

Celsia team
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RunwayFBU is an early-stage VC fund that focuses on investing in software-driven technology companies. Since its inception in 2021, their mission has been to support entrepreneurs who are building global companies aimed at addressing significant challenges through the use of data and technology, with the ultimate goal of making industries more efficient, sustainable, and reliable. RunwayFBU take a founder-friendly approach to investment, and their Tech Hub, known as the RunwayFBU Tech Hub, provides startups with valuable resources such as access to the Aker ecosystem, which includes key pilot clients and advisory services.


In collaboration with Celsia, RunwayFBU have implemented a thorough evaluation process to determine the eligibility of all the companies in RunwayFBU's portfolio. This eligibility screening has enabled to identify the companies that needed to conduct a full Taxonomy assessment. These selected companies were then asked to provide detailed responses to specific questions and input financial data, which have allowed them to generate a comprehensive Taxonomy reporting through the software.


The impact of this collaborative effort has been significant. Firstly, it has facilitated an efficient process for EU taxonomy reporting, streamlining the compliance requirements for the portfolio companies. By engaging with the reporting process, these companies have not only fulfilled their obligations but have also gained valuable insights and knowledge on their current activities’ sustainability level, but also the regulation requirements on their social safeguards. This reporting turned into a value-adding solution by identifying a more sustainable approach to their operations and increasing sustainability awareness amongst their staff.

Through our partnership with RunwayFBU and the implementation of the EU taxonomy, RunwayFBU is demonstrating their commitment to promoting sustainability and driving positive change in the technology industry.

Anders W. Botten
Financial Manager at RunwayFBU
Being both an invested company by RunwayFBU and actively participating in the Aker Taxonomy reporting, our journey with the actual solution has been incredibly rewarding. Celsia has proven to be an essential tool in managing EU taxonomy reporting regulations, offering invaluable real-time online guidance. The support and extensive knowledge provided by the team throughout the entire process have left me thoroughly impressed.
Anders W. Botten
Financial Manager at RunwayFBU
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