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How did Norled assess their vessels using the EU Taxonomy and Celsia?

Celsia team
August 22, 2022
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How did Norled asses their vessels using the EU Taxonomy and Celsia?


Norled is one of Norway's largest ferry and express boat operators. As a leader in sustainable transport, sustainability is key for Norled. This stretches from designing and constructing new emissions-reducing vessels to eco-friendly day-to-day operations. The new vessel’s technology aims to replace diesel with battery-powered and green fuel ferries entirely. In making such decisions towards the green transition, Norled considers the EU Taxonomy as an important guiding framework. In order to take the taxonomy into use and efficiently maneuver the framework’s complicated landscape of criteria, Norled needed an easy-to-use solution.


Using Celsia, Norled assessed and compared the level of sustainability of their entire ship fleet to the taxonomy criteria. Norled obtained a taxonomy score by structuring the company in reporting units, choosing the relevant activities, assessing their performance against relevant technical screening criteria, and adding financial data and documentation. Besides being able to collaborate directly in the tool, Norled utilized Celsia to receive guidance on the EU Taxonomy regulation. By avoiding spending time on tracking updates to the comprehensive legislation, Celsia helped Norled stay up-to-date on the EU Taxonomy and relevant best practices for assessment. 


Norled gained an overview of the sustainability status of their vessels, identifying drivers of performance. The assessment process provided Norled with specific knowledge on what it takes to define their vessels as sustainable investments and assets according to the EU Taxonomy. Using Celsia, Norled minimized the time spent on managing and reporting its sustainability score. By taking a proactive approach to new requirements and while having an active relationship to the fleet’s sustainability performance, Norled limited the risk of investing in vessels that may end up as “stranded assets”. 

Being a company that focuses on sustainability, complying and excelling at EU Taxonomy scoring was a must. We have used Celsia to assess our vessels on taxonomy efficiently. Through helpful onboarding with Celsia, we have learned which EU taxonomy requirements to prepare for and what sustainability work we need to do in the coming time.
Hilde-Kristin Sæter
Project Leader, Norled


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