Our story

In 2020, when the pandemic was at its height, Celsia's CTO Morten Hillbom and CEO Petter Reistad took part in "The Climate Change Hackathon", where they battled the challenge of comparing companies' sustainability impact. - We need a tool for investors and lenders to allocate capital more sustainably! But how can we really compare the sustainability level of wildly different companies, let's say, such as Deutsche Bank to General Electric? Petter shouted in frustration.

After the hackathon, Morten and Petter couldn't put themselves to rest. A common metric for measuring how sustainable companies are could revolutionize how the financial world operated. They were convinced that if there just existed a framework for scoring sustainability efficiently, they could create the software that'd make it simple for the market to start scoring companies.

With Cathrine Dehli, sustainability veteran and VP of Sustainability at a software unicorn at the time, they finally found what they were looking for. - There are frameworks like this being produced all around the globe, right now! she said. The EU's sustainable finance classification system, the EU taxonomy, had come the furthest.

And with that, we were off.

Days later, Celsia was a reality - soon becoming a full-time endeavor. Within months of inception, there were 10 people on the team and slack channels buzzing with activity (through lockdowns and quarantines). Into 2022, Celsia's team keeps growing and expanding with diversity and professionalism. All Celsians work together to accelerate the path towards carbon neutrality by making sustainability scoring simple, fast, and efficient.

Our Vision

But there is still time.

More than anything, we need enormous investments in new energy sources, cleantech, and low-carbon technologies. Trillions of Euros will be required. And the funds must be spent smartly. Hence, our product. Our vision is a world where sustainability scores are as simple and fast to produce as credit risk ratings in a matter of seconds. That's where Celsia comes in.
Climate change is our generation's biggest challenge. We're heading for a world with an irreversibly changed climate, with more extreme weather and eradicated biodiversity.


Celsia exists to make sustainability scoring simple, fast, and efficient. We drive sustainability comparability and are committed to enabling both small and large companies to participate in the green financing system, no matter the size of one's budget. With software, we make sustainability scoring frictionless and for everyone.


We believe that enjoying the adventure is key no matter where we are in life. We believe in each other and always have each other's backs. Our customers are our main pillar; that is why we put them first. We do not ruminate, and we take pride in our boldness and courage. But most importantly, what powers our successes is our integrity - for no sustainable business can ever do without it.
Our team

Our Advisory Board

Paal Frisvold
EU & Climate Policy Advisor
Pia Goyer
Human Rights Lawyer
Cathrine Dehli
Chief Product Officer & Head of Advisory Board

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