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Jordanes expects 76% cost savings from using Celsia to report on the CSRD

Katrine Tjølsen
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About Jordanes

Jordanes is a leading Scandinavian brand house focusing on everyday products and services. Among their brands are well known companies as Synnøve, Sørlandschips, Peppes, and Leiv Vidar, to mention a few.

Sustainability reporting requirements and deadlines for Jordanes

Jordanes is a company with more than 500 employees and with a listed bond on the Oslo stock exchange. This means they fall under the CSRD as of 1 January 2024 and need to report on the ESRS and the EU taxonomy for 2024 data.

To report in accordance with the ESRS and the EU taxonomy can be a massive job. If Jordanes did not use Celsia, they would spend significant time on understanding the disclosure requirements, collecting all the data from their subsidiaries, tracking reporting process, and making sure the final report is compliant.

76% cost savings from using Celsia

Jordanes uses Celsia for their CSRD reporting. All their subsidiaries use the Celsia tool, which helps streamline the whole data collection process.

They estimate significant cost savings from using Celsia.

There are other benefits of using Celsia, too. For example, Celsia helps Jordanes:

  • Know that they're doing the right activities to prepare the report
  • Reuse their reporting efforts from one year to the next
  • Steer sustainability efforts by tracking targets and actions alongside reporting
  • Unite the work of the sustainability department and the controllers

And most importantly, Celsia helps Jordanes ensure that their work results in a correct, compliant report.

What's next for Jordanes

Jordanes has laid the ground work and is well on track to report in accordance with the ESRS in their 2024 annual report.

The work Jordanes has done to structure their sustainability work for the ESRS can now be reused for future reporting. Jordanes also has the right data and tooling to track progress toward their ambitious sustainability targets. This tracking can be used to steer initiatives and to report to the management team and/or board.

Overall, Jordanes has freed up time to act on sustainability, because the tracking is managed by Celsia.

Sofie Rygh
Head of Sustainability @ Jordanes
We use Celsia in Jordanes to conduct our sustainability reporting in a way that's efficient, correct and transparent. We expect to save a significant number of hours across the organization and streamline the sustainability reporting process for everyone involved.
Sofie Rygh
Head of Sustainability @ Jordanes
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