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Sustainable sourcing and packaging: how can food manufacturers qualify under new EU sustainability requirements?

April 17, 2023
 min read

Manufacture of food and beverages was not previously included in activities set out in the taxonomy technical screening criteria. Now it has been included in the latest draft annex from the EU. This means that food and beverage manufacture can qualify as sustainable under the EU taxonomy. 

Here is what you should know about the new requirements and what could they mean for you:

·       Food and beverage manufacture can qualify by meeting criteria to make a substantial contribution to biodiversity or criteria for contributing to a transition to a circular economy.

·       One way to qualify by contributing to biodiversity is to select ingredients from farm holdings/producers whose practices improve biodiversity or contribute to conservation and genetic diversity.

·       To qualify as improving biodiversity, ingredients must be sourced from producers who meet taxonomy criteria for agricultural activities like animal production and crop production.

·       It is also possible to qualify by selecting protein-rich ingredients with low negative impact on biodiversity and limiting protein-rich ingredients with a high negative impact and land use.

·       Food and beverage manufacturers can also qualify their activities as sustainable through packaging design and manufacture.

·       Primary food/beverage packaging can contribute to a transition to a circular economy by being designed for reuse or recycling and minimizing food/beverage waste.




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