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Assess your performance following what’s called the ‘gold standard of sustainability scoring. Get your status across all sustainability goals and use it as a starting point for your improvement efforts, and achieve a score you can be proud to report.

Case Study



Quantafuel is a chemical recycling company that aims to help solve the global plastic problem. Publicly traded on Euronext Growth Oslo and having regularly raised capital, investor attractiveness and favorable borrowing conditions are essential to Quantafuel. Realizing the importance of the EU taxonomy, Quantafuel already in mid-2021 became a development client of Celsia.


With Celsia, Quantafuel was able to conduct an initial EU taxonomy assessment in line with best practice. Celsia helps Quantafuel manage the many stakeholders involved in the process, and to keep track of and structure collected data and documentation across their plants.


Quantafuel saved time conducting the assessment and avoided monitoring the EU taxonomy for updates. The structuring of the data helped Quantafuel conduct an efficient third-party verification of its score by the consulting firm Norconsult.

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