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Eidsiva Energi drives sustainable transformation with EU taxonomy assessment

Celsia team
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Eidsiva Energi, based in Hamar, is Norway's largest regional energy and telecommunications group. The company and its three subsidiaries are committed to developing the most efficient infrastructure for Norwegian society. Since 1894, Eidsiva has played a crucial role in electrification by providing power grids, broadband, and district heating services. As a key player in the transition to a greener future, Eidsiva is committed to achieving a fully electric society and strives to provide sustainable solutions to its customers through the use of cutting-edge technology. In order to achieve this goal, Eidsiva recognized the need for a tool to measure, strengthen, and demonstrate their efforts strategically.


In a thorough assessment, Eidsiva's subsidiaries were assessed for eligible activities under the EU taxonomy framework. Both Eidsiva Bioenergi, which specializes in district heating, and Elvia, the power grid subsidiary, were found to meet the necessary criteria. Over ten people collaborated to conduct the assessment. Using Celsia, Eidsiva ensured an efficient process based on the EU legislation and the most recent interpretation of the framework. Following the initial completion, Eidsiva uses Celsia to ensure that their performance is in line with the continuously updated regulations and evolving interpretations in the market. 


The results of the assessment were utilized as a gap analysis to identify improvement areas for sufficient documentation. Furthermore, the assessment results served as a thorough foundation for Eidsiva's voluntary reporting efforts, as the company is not currently required to report under the new taxonomy framework. Eidsiva intends to leverage the insights gained from the assessment as part of its ongoing reporting efforts in the years to come, continually improving its documentation and reporting processes to remain at the forefront of sustainability efforts.

Elisabeth Krokeide
Sustainability Leader
The EU taxonomy is a means to measure and prove sustainability efforts across companies and industries. Celsia has helped us grasp the complicated framework, map it out for our company, leverage on sustainability efforts and plan for the future.
Elisabeth Krokeide
Sustainability Leader
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