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Do you have to report your EU Taxonomy score or improve your sustainability activities? See how Celsia can help.
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Consulting Firms
Simplify the EU Taxonomy scoring process and achieve the efficiency that will exceed your customers’ expectations.
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Simplify EU taxonomy scoring of your loan portfolios and facilitate taxonomy-based green loans.
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Investment Funds
Score your investment portfolio and screen prospects’ sustainability performance
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Measure, manage and improve your sustainability activities

Simple EU Taxonomy compliance
Celsia simplifies the EU Taxonomy scoring process. We always base our framework on the latest EU legislative updates and industry practice. Use Celsia to assess yourself against criteria, collect and structure relevant data, and save 60-80% of the time typically spent on the scoring process.
Secure green funding
The EU Taxonomy is called the new ‘Gold Standard’ of sustainable finance. High-performing companies will get access to lower-cost capital from banks and investors.
Stay ahead of your competitors
Win customers’ trust and stay ahead of your competitors by being transparent about your sustainability performance.
Trouble-free audit process
Celsia ensures that audits don’t become a lengthy and costly process. Our framework aligns with significant audit & advisory firms, and the documentation we ask for is always in line with requirements and expert consensus.
Full expert support along your journey
Taxonomy scoring can be complex, and the framework is ever-changing. We have experts with rich backgrounds in sustainability that help you through the process.
Collaborate with your team
Taxonomy scoring involves multiple stakeholders across the company. Celsia makes collaboration easy, no matter how many people are involved.

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Digitalization is key to succeed with sustainable transformation. KPMG is a sustainability consultancy leading the integration of technology and ESG. In a complex landscape, we believe the best results to our clients include partnership and collaboration. We are therefore very happy to partner with Celsia to combine our consultancy skills on the EU Taxonomy with the best available technology.
Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg
Partner, KPMG Norway
We needed a solution that could help us efficiently score our fund's portfolio companies according to the EU Taxonomy. We chose Celsia because they have deep competence on sustainability and especially the EU Taxonomy, and because they have managed to create a simple and intuitive tool for a quite complex EU Taxonomy regulation.
Hilde Støle Pettersen
Partner, Momentum
Celsia provides Differ Community Power with rapid, accurate and reliable assessment of our taxonomy performance. Adding Celsia’s climate risk assessments to this gives us a comprehensive picture of our project specific exposure and performance
Kjetil Røine
CEO, Differ Community Power
Being renewable is not enough anymore, and in the Celsia solution we have found a platform to showcase for partners and customers how our design and the work we do every day distinguishes us as a sustainableenergy technology
Daniel Engelhart-Willoch
VP Industry & Government Affairs, Wind Cathing Systems

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