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BOB assessed two of their newly built constructions using Celsia

Celsia team
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BOB is the largest housing corporation and real estate developer in Western Norway. For over 80 years, BOB has constructed, developed, operated, and managed districts and buildings. BOB’s strategy and decision-making are evolved around the environment, with a vision to take care of the well-being of habitats and their surroundings. BOB is always searching for good ways to compare the different environmental choices in their construction projects to make these decisions. In this process, the EU taxonomy was considered as a relevant framework for mapping environmental performance to make the right decisions in the future.  



BOB is not yet on the list of companies that must report their EU taxonomy score. However, due to their goal of being a sustainable business, they decided to assess their two newly built constructions on the West coast of Norway according to the EU taxonomy. BOB chose to use the Celsia platform for calculating the score for the first time. 



With the help of the Celsia team, BOB gained insights into what it takes for new constructions to become aligned with the EU taxonomy. This valuable knowledge also lays the foundation for future construction projects. By answering Celsia’s interpretation of requirements related to minimum social safeguards, BOB gained insights in how to prepare for the Norwegian Transparency Act. This way, BOB is on board with what they would have to perform when required to report both on their environmental activities and social responsibilities. Through Celsia, BOB gained information on how the existing environmental assessment method for buildings and communities, BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), is linked with the EU taxonomy in practice and how to benefit from both. BOB is now more confident that they have the knowledge necessary for complying with the prerequisites in the Norwegian construction industry and for improving their sustainability efforts if needed.

Singe-Laila Hamre
“Due to our commitment to sustainability, the EU taxonomy as a new sustainability framework raised our interest in gaining more insights into our sustainability results. From collaborating with Celsia, we got access to a tool that allows us to have ownership and control over our EU taxonomy score and further knowledge of the Transparency Act and BREEAM. It has been a pleasure working together.”
Singe-Laila Hamre
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