The EU taxonomy: Does the company size really matter?

Wednesday, September 22, 2021
2 min read

Although the taxonomy only requires large companies and financial market participants to report on their taxonomy aligned activities, our impression is that however small your company, you too could benefit from using the taxonomy – and much sooner than indicated by the EU timeline. 

Customers will very likely use the taxonomy to compare suppliers. The banks will use the taxonomy to set the interest rate on bank loans. Investors who want to be transparent on their portfolio performance will also request the score from their investees. Celsia thinks that this is why we see so many companies of all sizes ramping up.

The taxonomy appears to be solving many of the challenges green companies have been facing and is finally creating the common sustainability language we have lacked in the last 20 years. Whatever the size of your company, it is clear that there are benefits to be found from having a good taxonomy score.

Team Celsia
Celsia works to measure sustainability, to empower money. Celsia Taxonomy lets you assess your business against the new EU Taxonomy criteria, and produce the score and documentation to be required by authorities and banks.

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