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Celsia team
February 8, 2023
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By the end of the year, all companies that must report on sustainability according to the EU's taxonomy will notice that the requirements are increasing significantly. This has led to an enormous demand and interest in software that measures and improves various forms of sustainability measures.

As a consequence of this, Celsia and Loopfront enter into a strategic partnership to make it even easier for companies to measure and improve their sustainability efforts.

Celsia makes it easier to get a sustainability score. The solution allows users to quickly calculate, manage and improve their score. The easier it is to see flaws, the easier it is to do something about them. Loopfront, on the other hand, is a digital material handling platform developed to provide an overview through material mapping so that the degree of reuse of what you own increases. This results in a reduction of new purchases, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions, but also waste.

“I see our partnership with Loopfront as an extension of our mission of making sustainability measurable and making it possible to improve through data-driven decisions. We hope this partnership will benefit our customers with real solutions for excelling at sustainability while using the least resources possible”. - Petter Reistad, CEO at Celsia.

The customers of Celsia and Loopfront will now have access to the best of both companies; Celsia's software solution to calculate your sustainability measures against the EU taxonomy score, and Loopfront's surveying tool and marketplace to make material reuse far easier.

“The partnership makes us stronger. With a better data base, access to new expertise and technology, our customers will see better results faster than they could imagine. The best thing is that they will also be able to see how the work they do has a direct impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions and waste”. Vlad Kazanski, Head of Partnerships at Loopfront.

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