Struggling to keep up with sustainability regulatory reporting?

The Celsia ESG Portal gives you access to the latest insights from Celsia sustainability experts & peers from various industries

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Celsia has accompanied 200+ large and medium-sized EU companies in their regulatory sustainability reporting

And these are the common struggles we hear:
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What’s the latest on the reporting requirements, given how the requirements keep changing?
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How should I interpret the EU taxonomy requirements? And how do they apply to me?
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How do other companies in my industry interpret the reporting requirements for the EU taxonomy or the CSRD?
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How do others incorporate ESG reporting into their broader company strategy?

With the Celsia ESG Portal, you can

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Get answers
Get answer to your questions and obtain/give feedback from/to your peers
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Learn best practices
Acquire valuable insights and best practices on sustainability and ESG reporting
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Get updates
Be on top of the ever-evolving ESG regulatory updates (EU taxonomy, SFDR, CSRD)

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