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What is the benefit of being an early mover?

Celsia team
April 28, 2022
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The EU Taxonomy is a regulatory framework that aims to facilitate sustainable investments by providing a standardized reporting system. The framework will be used to determine which economic activities can be classified as environmentally sustainable, thus aid green investing. 

What is an early mover advantage?

When we think about what is a first mover advantage, we can understand that it means to have first mover advantages by getting a head start and reporting on the EU Taxonomy actively. Since January 2023, reporting alignment to the EU Taxonomy is mandatory and thus by doing so, businesses can gain a an edge against competitors when it comes to increasing transparency, customer loyalty and trust, and attracting green investment opportunities.  

Reporting on the EU Taxonomy early on can provide many benefits to both- businesses and investors. Here are some benefits of being an early mover

First and foremost, one of the significant benefits of being a first mover in reporting on the EU Taxonomy is that it can give businesses a competitive edge. By reporting on their alignment with the Taxonomy, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and attract investors who are looking for sustainable investment opportunities. 

In addition to attracting investors and customers, reporting on the EU Taxonomy can also help companies identify areas where they can improve their sustainability practices, making it a big early mover advantage. By using the taxonomy's standardized framework, companies can identify which of their activities are considered environmentally sustainable and which ones are not. This can help companies prioritize sustainability initiatives and allocate resources more efficiently.

Reporting on the EU Taxonomy can help companies identify potential environmental risks associated with their activities. By addressing these risks early on, companies can reduce the likelihood of negative impacts on their business operations, reputation, and financial performance.

For investors, early reporting on the EU Taxonomy can provide valuable insights into the sustainability practices of companies. By looking at a company's alignment with the Taxonomy, investors can assess the company's commitment to sustainability and the environmental impact of its activities. This can help investors make more informed investment decisions and allocate their funds towards more sustainable opportunities.

Thus we can conclude that there are numerous early mover benefits when it comes to reporting on the EU Taxonomy for both businesses and investors. From improving risk management to increasing transparency, the advantages of being a first mover can help companies stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving field of sustainable finance.

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