EU Taxonomy Scoring for 

Provide your portfolio companies with a tool for fast and efficient EU Taxonomy scoring, and view progress and aggregated portfolio score across your funds

Investment funds classified as an article 8 and 9 fund must disclose their EU Taxonomy score. Conducting an EU Taxonomy assessment may be time-consuming for portfolio companies and prone to errors. Use Celsia to make it simple for you to manage and for your portfolio companies to participate in the process.

Case Study



One of our Investment Fund clients is a venture capital firm based in Norway. Using sustainability as part of their investment criteria, they are required to disclose the EU Taxonomy score of their fund.


Using Celsia, our client's portfolio companies are guided through self-assessments that are configured to their business activities. They get the aggregated score of their portfolio and can access detailed data to identify areas of improvement in their portfolio companies.


The process is performed in an efficient way requiring a minimum of effort from both our client's investment managers and the portfolio companies. The portfolio companies get an assessment of their sustainability performance summarized in quantitative metrics, that can be used to track improvement.

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