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Improve your client deliverables and your consultants’ efficiency with a purpose-built EU taxonomy scoring solution

Don’t let a spreadsheet be your final deliverable when conducting EU Taxonomy assessments for clients. Use Celsia to provide your clients with a better experience and make the process more efficient.

Case Study



A prominent client of our consultancy partner wanted to get their EU Taxonomy score but had limited personnel available to conduct the process. The client wanted a solution that would help them distribute the ownership of their sustainability score to each business area and use the score as part of their quarterly performance assessment.


Using Celsia, our consultancy partner onboarded personnel from each business area to the concept and methodology of the EU Taxonomy. The management team could display the progress and performance of each business area and extract reporting-ready results per quarter.


Our partner increased customer satisfaction by using Celsia instead of, i.e., a complicated spreadsheet and delivered the project half the time the client estimated that it would take to build a custom solution.

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