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NRP Zero AS selects Celsia for their sustainable cleantech fund of NOK 1,400 million

Celsia team
March 14, 2023
 min read

Today we’re welcoming NRP Zero AS (part of Ness, Risan & Partners AS) as a client of Celsia, having signed an agreement to use Celsia for its new article 9 fund, NRP Green Transition I!

With a target AuM of NOK 1,400 million, the fund aims to be be among the largest cleantech funds in the Nordics. 100% of its capital will go towards investments in sustainable companies, which will report on their sustainability impact in accordance with the SFDR reporting framework, including the EU Taxonomy and PAI indicators.

NRP Zero is teaming up with Celsia to ensure complete compliance and to provide its portfolio companies with the tools to make sustainability management and reporting an efficient and engaging process that also provides long-term value.



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