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Elopak is choosing Celsia for EU Taxonomy reporting

Celsia team
February 23, 2023
 min read

Hello, Elopak, and welcome as a client of Celsia! The public company selling 14 billion cartons to 70 markets across the globe is now selecting Celsia as its EU Taxonomy software.

A leading global player in fresh liquid carton packaging and a company of around 2500 employees, Elopak is one of Norway's most successful export successes. Elopak is strongly committed to sustainability, and was one of the first three non-pilot companies to have its near and long-term emission reduction targets verified since the launch of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard.

Now, they're using Celsia to actively use the EU Taxonomy and its criteria to define sustainability in their continued quest to become greener by minimizing their resource use and contributing positively to the green transition. Excited to have you onboard, Elopak team!



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